1-on-1 Assessment & Coaching

Do you (or your organization) have a need for professional advising, career development, leadership growth, or management support? Dr. Klein creates custom 1-on-1 programs based on in-depth assessment processes that identify strengths, work and communication style, blindspots, and personality traits. 

Applying this data to short and long-term goals and current challenges, is key. This is where the need to have personal accountability and face roadblocks becomes critical. These 1-on-1 programs are provided in-person and virtually via telephone or online (e.g Zoom, Skype).

While training classes, books, TED talks, and blogs can introduce concepts and inspire action, for most of us, significant change only happens when our unique situations and needs are understood and addressed.

Topics addressed include:

-Change and transition

-Interpersonal conflict

-Career planning

-Family business dynamics & employment

-Performance obstacles

-Managing your manager


As a speaker to both large (700+) and small audiences for over 20 years, Dr. Klein brings practical tools and insights to organizations and associations based on applied psychological principles and proven methods. 

His current keynotes include: 

  • Assessing & Developing Future Leaders
  • The Psychology of Exit Planning for Business Owners and Leaders
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • Thriving or Trapped in the Family Business

Michael's custom workshops include Personality Style & Team Effectiveness,  Resolving Conflict, and Emotional Intelligence in Sales.  He also utilizes various off-the-shelf content including Five Dyfunctions of a Team and Situational Leadership.

Dr. Klein's audiences have included the Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT), International Coach Federation (ICF), Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Society for Financial Services Professionals (SFSP), and university-based family business centers across the United States

Hiring & Selection Testing

Job interviews, reference checks, and resumes are only part of a comprehensive hiring process. They rarely shed light on how candidates will perform and work with others once the "shine has worn off" and they have settled into their job. 

By integrating reputable, reliable, and effective psychometric tools (assessments) into your hiring processes, your organization is better equipped to understand:

1. Can this candidate do this job?

2. Will they be engaged in this work?

3. Are there any personality "red flags?"

4. Do they have management potential?

5. Can they succeed in a sales role? 

Other traits that are related to specific job roles, including customer focus, conscientiousness, and composure under pressure can also be effectively determined when tools are used with an experienced specialist. For information about specific tools utilized, click on Tools in the menu above.



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