Services for Businesses in Transition

Personal Readiness


Planning to sell, exit, or transition a business requires heavy lifting legally, and financially. Unfortunately, personal (and psychological) transition often lags behind and is not easily understood on a spreadsheet. This often requires specialized tools and expertise to uneart exit planning roadblocks.

Next Chapter Planning


Business owners often fail to successfully transition out of their businesses because they have spent precious little time planning life after the exit. Effort and time spent planning for this next phase is not only in the best interest of the owner, but also the business itself.

Successor Assessment


Fully assessing and understanding the capabilities, traits, and key motivators of future owners and leaders can help avoid unnecessary conflict as well as maximize smooth business transitions from the current owner/leader to the next.

Services for Business Advisors

Client Assessment


Assessing client personality style, motivators, and emotional intelligence skills helps advisors maximize their time spent with key clients, while avoiding wasted time and energy spent on others.

Keynotes & Live Webinars


Whether he is presenting to advisor associations, your clients, or peer/study groups in-person or online, Dr. Klein shares compelling stories, comprehensive strategies, and practical recommendations gained from almost 20 years of work with business owners and entrepreneurs.

Behavioral Consultation


Psychological insights and advice are available for advisors who are struggling to move key clients forward, or who are struggling to understand their client's unique psychology, reactions, and motivators.