Maximizing Satisfaction in Family Businesses...while avoiding traps

Choosing to join, work in, and remain in a family business can be a far more complicated decision than when pursuing any other employment path.  While the rewards can be far greater, at times the emotional and relational complexities can be seemingly impossible to navigate.

See below to learn more about how Dr. Klein works with individuals to make the best decisions for themselves, unravel the many layers of family business dynamics, and maintain or set a course for workplace effectiveness and long-term growth and satisfaction.

Family Personality & Style Profiles


Easy-to-use tools that help family members better understand how they  are each "wired" can help manage (or avoid) conflict while enhancing family cohesion and collaboration. Objective  assessments provide new ways for thinking about who family members are, and what makes each family unique.

1-on-1 Advising


Every family business has unique elements, while still possessing those that are inherent to all family-run enterprises. Through comprehensive discovery, action planning, and accountability, 1-on-1 advising assists in moving individuals forward towards creating and meeting both short- and long-term professional and personal goals.

Professional & Career Assessment


 Tools that measure work-related personality traits, career interests, motivators, and social and emotional style are utilized to determine "best fit" job roles, paths, and organizational climates. These tools also provide insight for decisions related to educational choices and specific job opportunities.

Family Business Audiences


*2018 Schulze Publication Award Winner* recently published Dr. Klein's article on the difference between thriving and being trapped in a family business.

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Now available as a second edition, Trapped in the Family Business is a practical guide for understanding family business traps and what can be done about them.

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As a guest on various family business podcasts, Dr. Klein shares stories and insights about family business careers, dynamics, and challenges

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