The MY STYLE Workshop

What is the MY STYLE program?

Interactive, insightful, and powerful professional development group/team program to enhance effectiveness through understanding and applying behavioral science and personality style.

What are the goals of the MY STYLE program?

1. Develop top notch communication skills

2. Work together like a finely tuned machine

3. Have more impact and influence at work and in life

4. Focus on bringing your best self and strengths to every role

Who can participate?

- Each workshop is designed for 3-50 people.  

- Workshops can range from 90 minutes to three hours based on your group’s availability

- 1-on-1 follow-up (via telephone or Zoom) is available for those who want to maximize the impact of this workshop

What do participants receive at every MY STYLE workshop?

Every MY STYLE participant receives an in-depth, customized report about their unique style including communication preferences, strengths, value to their team, motivations, and more using the DISC model of behavioral style.

What focused variations of MY STYLE workshop are available?

1. Selling using My Style

2. Communicating and collaborating using My Style 

3. Career Growth and Development with My Style

4. Managing Transition and Change for My Style

What have people said about it?

Michael kicked off our 2-day leadership retreat with a powerful morning workshop.  He demonstrated a deep understanding of the impact of personality and behavior traits on team functioning, as well as personalized his comments based on our specific needs and goals.  Michael's style was perfect for us…serious, humorous and practical.  Every member of my leadership team found his approach to be just right as he balanced the educational, experiential and relational aspects perfectly. I highly commend him for a job well done and would use his services again!!

-Ken Bates

President & CEO

Alternatives and The Bridge

Worcester, MA

Going through this with Michael highlighted communication issues that my business partners and I had already started to have, and shed light on to why my own form of communication, somewhat blunt and brief, was causing both of them to assume that I was stressed or upset with them, when neither of which was true. We are taking long term steps to work on our communication, and on the company’s approach as a whole, to better foster an environment that supports us as a team.

-Karen Webb



Springfield, MA

Who has enjoyed MY STYLE?

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