About the second edition

In this honest, practical guide, you will learn how individuals get trapped in their family business, why they don’t leave, and what can be done about it. Based on interviews with family business members, owners, and advisors, Trapped in the Family Business® sheds light on this common yet unexamined problem and offers practical solutions:

  • Identify warning signs & avoid common traps
  • Learn from others’ experiences & insights
  • Develop a plan of action to manage & improve this situation
  • Explore valuable resources to help navigate this complex challenge   


Frank Hoy, Director, Collaborative for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Worcester Polytechnic

You might think this book coaches people on getting out of their family’s firm. It is much more than that. And it may be just what you need to succeed in your family’s company.

Zoe Friedman, TV & Film Producer, Daughter of Budd Friedman, founder of The Improv comedy club chain

Speaking as someone who grew up in a family business, this book is relatable, compassionate, and addresses a problem that can too easily become a painful lifelong struggle.

Greg McCann, Founder & Director Stetson University’s Family Enterprise Center

Klein's book is a valuable resource to those who want to realize how normal their struggles are, clarify their thinking, and generate not just options, but hope.

Joseph H. Astrachan, PhD Editor, Journal of Family Business Strategy

Trapped in the Family Business is a great read for anyone who has felt the pressures of family and the fear of change while in the turbulent world that is family business.

Ira Bryck, President, Family Business Center of the Pioneer Valley

In an organized and compassionate way, this book can motivate you to have the insights and conversations that can help you change, leave, accept, and evolve in the way that's right for you, your business, and your family.

Published review in the Journal of Family Business Management (pdf)


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