In their own words...

Michael brings expertise, experience, insight, and compassion to the emotional, human part of navigating transition planning engagements with business owners.

-Dana Barrows

Northwestern Mutual

Springfield, MA

I once heard someone say that people don’t come with instruction manuals. That’s not true. Michael Klein develops these to help teams function optimally. I recommend his services to business owners, job seekers, families and other groups of people who work together toward common goals. Knowing outlooks, motivators and abilities creates more cohesiveness and progress. 

- Cinda Jones

WD Cowls, Inc.

Amherst, MA 

Our members (estate planning attorneys, certified public accountants and financial advisors) requested learning more about the dynamics of entering and staying in a family business so that we may provide this insight to our family business clients. Dr. Klein’s presentation was clear, articulate and extremely valuable to our membership. The use of practical examples were particularly insightful and registered immediately with our attendees.   We look forward to having him again as a featured speaker.

- Todd C. Ratner

Estate Planning Council of Hampden County

Springfield, MA 

Michael has a way of  working with assessments in a way that does not leave one staring endless at thier naval wondering the meaning of life. Rather, his work brings about a level of consciousness of one's unique abilities and how and where to apply them.

- Thomas H. Waring Jr.

GCW Capital Group

Hamburg, NY

The work I've done with Michael involved an in-depth look at who I personality strengths, my interpersonal style, what I truly value. His process did several important things for me and for my business - most importantly, we made sure that I was focused on those things I did well that brought me the most satisfaction, and we worked to eliminate those that were clearly not for me, and would never be.  Given its impact, I wish I had gone through something like this earlier in my career.

- Thomas J. Henske, Partner

Lenox Advisors

New York, NY

Michael Klein provided an exceptional development experience for our first-year MBA students. We relied on him extensively for guidance in developing our program as well as for his exceedingly sensitive, yet practical work with our students as they plan internships, summer employment, and post-graduate work.

 - Alan Robinson, Professor

Isenberg School of Management

Amherst, MA

Michael nudges me and my firm into a much more efficient and effective state.  He does this with a subtle blend of on-line assessment tools and his many years of experience interpreting the results to help us find the relevance therein.  At no time does he overtly criticize our existing firm yet he achieves positive results by causing us to clearly see those obstacles to progress hitherto obscured. 

- Thomas E. Murphy 

TEMAA Financial

Dallas, TX

Michael Klein provided the kind of service to my clients that I was proud to offer. It was definitely "above and beyond" my normal scope, and was not available in any other form in our community.

- Barbara Treadwell

Barbara Treadwell, LLC

New York, NY

I've known Michael Klein for about 10 years now. I'm a pretty good judge of people, and I really liked Michael from the day I met him. His talents are considerable, he is very wise and also completely genuine.  Michael is a consummate professional, and an nationally recognized expert in working with closely held companies who are undergoing major transition, growth or other challenges. Consider Michael a personal work ninja coach.

- Bob Cummings
American Benefits Group
Northampton, MA

Michael possesses a remarkable and genuine interest in helping his clients find their path. With great empathy, he asks the right questions that lead to clarity... whether it's one-on-one, or for an audience of hundreds.

- Diana Ruddick

MassMutual Financial Group, retired

Glastonbury, CT

Michael is just the right mix of humor, coaching, and sound advice. He more than exceeded our expectations and I am looking forward to having him speak at many more events.

 - Laura Herring, Executive Officer

Realtor Association of Pioneer Valley

Springfield, MA